While I have had other books published in the past, Disruption was my first attempt to self-publish. I took the self-publishing route for this book to see if I could learn about the process. It worked.

I did a two-step process based on a recommendation from a friend. I started with DiggyPOD, and had my first 100 books printed with them. I’m glad I did. They are a small POD company in Michigan, so when I had a question I talked with someone sitting in their office, across the hall from the rest of the group. I used their process to quickly finalize my manuscript with no problems at all. The package includes their $99 cover design process…less expensive than I found most anywhere else. I ended up with a cover that I’ve been told will stand-up to any NYC “professionally” designed cover. When I gave the final approval for the pieces, I had the three boxes of books at my door in two days…amazing.

After digging through all of the cost options, I decided to use Create Space for the ongoing paperback sales on Amazon. Since I had the manuscript ready, that was a simple upload and was ready to go. However, I had real problems with the cover. Create Space uses a different paper thickness than DiggyPOD, and offers no option to alter it. So my outstanding cover did not work…the artwork bled onto the spine.

I had several conversations with Create Space support…someone different each time, wherever they are…and was first told to use the template to make sure the artwork fit. I did that, ordered a print proof, and found the same problem with the spine. I was then told to use their Cover Creator and make sure everything fit there…which I did…ordered another print proof to find the same problem. The next person I talked with said I could not use either the templates or the Cover Creator, but needed to start from scratch…giving me a list of measurements to meet…which I had already met. I finally spent a few hours and “tweaked” the artwork and ended up with a cover that “I hope” is going to work. I’m ordering my third print proof today just to see…fingers are crossed.

I think Create Space would have gone smoothly if I started with them for the cover..using their cover creator and templates. I don’t believe I would have ended up with the “Wow” cover I got from DiggyPOD, but I guess I wouldn’t have known better anyway.

The DiggyPOD/Create Space part was simple compared to sorting through the layers of other options with Amazon and their many divisions…all operating separately with their own support people. Whew…we started by using KDP for the paperback version, only to find out that when everything was said and done we were actually losing money on each purchase…which led to going to Create Space.

So…overall…the journey was successful. But I feel like I’ve been to the beach for a successful vacation…and returned home with a nasty sunburn…